New illustrations for Sounds and Letters

I'm busy working on the colours for some illustrations for the third book in the "Sounds and Letters" series, to help teach schoolchildren in Belize the sounds and letters of the alphabet. Here are a couple I've recently finished!


Veranda Tales

I made an intro animation for a children's reading show in Belize, called Veranda Tales, featuring one of my favourite folklore characters, Anansi the spider.

Itzel and Kukulcan

Here's a little animation mock-up I made, for a story I'm writing about a young girl named Itzel who finds herself trapped in the Mayan underworld, encountering gods, spirits, and curious creatures along her journey to return home.

Here she's encountering the feathered serpent god, Kukulcan, who gives her a magical snake staff to aid her in her journey.

"Blowfish Meets Meteor" Game Trailer

Here's the over-the-top epic trailer that summarises the first game project I worked on, "Blowfish Meets Meteor", a crazy underwater-themed brick-breaker for iOS!


Music Video Animation

I animated a music video for my brother-in-law's Bristol-based punk band, Atterkop. Check out the video here!

Warning: May contain goofy gratuitous violence. And a monkey.

New Website is Up!


To celebrate here's a fish character from the video game Seafoam Empress, which I've been creating the graphics and animations for.